Gemma Storey makes a beeline for 'Phil Mitchell'

Escort girl Gemma Storey spotted actor Steve McFadden in a London nightclub and made a beeline for the star.

Gemma, 20, who recently alleged she had a wild night with Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his mates, is a big soap fan and wanted to introduce herself.

‘I noticed that Phil Mitchell was in there immediately,’ she tells the News Of The World. ‘I love EastEnders and went over to him and started chatting.’

They got on some well that Gemma claims Steve, 48, invited her back to his home in Highgate, north London to continue partying.

The pair were snapped by paparazzi at 3.50am in the back of a taxi, with Gemma licking Steve’s face.

There is no suggestion that Steve, who is currently single, paid Gemma for her company.

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