Ekaterina Ivanova said to have told pals she’s dating the Rolling Stone


Ronnie Wood has reportedly left his wife of 23 years for an 18-year-old Russian girl.

The Rolling Stones guitarist is said to be living with Ekaterina Ivanova at his home in Ireland.

Jo Wood, 53, says she’s worried about her husband who has fallen off the wagon and is drinking 2 bottles of vodka a day.

The former model insists the teen is only Ronnie’s drinking buddy.

But Ekaterina has apparently told friends she’s romantically involved with the rocker.

‘They have been staying in Ireland and Ronnie’s art man was with them,’ Jo tell The Sun.

‘Ronnie told me she was staying there and I said, “OK — get on with it and have a drink, go mad. Drink your guts up”.

‘They’re not boyfriend or girlfriend — not in that way.’

Sources close to Ronnie, 61, also deny there’s anything going on.

‘Ronnie has a drinking problem,’ the family friend tells Now Online. ‘He has relapsed. Ekaterina is his drinking buddy.

‘In the last 2 weeks, he has been close to hitting rock bottom and this is all connected to that.

‘He is not in a relationship with this girl.’

Ronnie, who met Ekaterina in April, has been married to Jo since 1985. They have 2 children together.