Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed what she does to maintain her famous supermodel shape.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley intermittent fasting

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The Victoria’s Secret model has become one of the most successful models in the world for her gorgeous looks, and now she has opened up about all of her body secrets.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Style, the mum-of-one revealed that there is one method in particular that she follows in order to maintain her famous shape – intermittent fasting.

Rosie revealed that that she starts eating early in the day and tries not to consume anything past 4pm.

“I eat all my food in an eight- to 10-hour window,” said Rosie.

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“I’ll have a matcha latte with oat milk at 8am — that’s the most LA thing about me — and then I try to finish eating between 4pm and 6pm”.

Explaining her decision, the Transformers actress added, “It gives my body a chance to digest everything.”

However, the UK native admitted that she is not completely rigid with her intermittent fasting rules, revealing that she will make allowances if it’s fits more comfortably with her schedule.

“Of course, if I go out for dinner, I shift it to later. I’m flexible, you’ve got to live”.

The model and actress, who shares two-year-old son Jack with Hollywood actor fiancé Jason Statham, also opened up on her fitness routine, saying, “In the UK I do a mix of weight and strength training at Third Space gym, and I love doing the Body by Simone classes for my core”.

“It took a long time to get back into shape after I had Jack,” continued Rosie. “I’m not going to lie, things don’t sit where they used to, but I’ve come to terms with it”.

However, the model said she doesn’t stop herself indulging in foods that she enjoys, adding, “I love food.

“Last night J [Jason] and I went to the Ivy for date night. I had a duck salad, shepherd’s pie and rhubarb and apple crumble with cream on top for dessert,” said the mum-of-one, adding “I’m not a good food sharer”.