At the launch of the Burberry Christmas campaign, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley remembers when Romeo Beckham first met her

Most of our first jobs involved throwing out newspaper around our neighborhood or counting down the hours on a Saturday while we continuously scan items through the check out.

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But if you’re Romeo Beckham, one of your first jobs is modeling for Burberry. And your work colleagues you have to encounter? No, not Barbara on the bread aisle, but more like supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. No biggie.

The two of them both appear in Burberry’s new Christmas campaign, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of Billy Elliott, and 28-year-old Rosie recalls how sweet 13-year-old Romeo was when he met her.

‘Romeo came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder, and he goes, “Are you the Burberry model?”’

A VERY valid question to be fair.

Fellow Burberry co-star and supermodel Naomi Campbell giggled as RoRo continued: ‘I think it was just after he did his first campaign, he stood and asked me loads of questions. They’re really polite kids.’

Rosie first met the mini-Beckham on a plane journey and said that ‘they were all impeccably mannered and really really sweet.’


Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1, it seems that Romeo didn’t pass up the opportunity of speaking to a supermodel and get a few tips and trick of the trade: ‘He was asking me all these questions and getting my tips on modeling. I felt very important!’

And it seems like his polite and sweet reputation is preceding him, as Naomi went on to ask if they were seeing him today at the Burberry campaign launch event, to which Rosie said yes and they both of them could not look happier about it.

The Burberry campaign features some of our favourite brilliant British bunch, jumping for joy over the festive season while decorated with beautiful Burberry goodies – obvs.

It features everyone from Elton John, Julie Walters and James Corden, to James Bay, George Ezra and Rosie’s brother Toby Huntington-Whiteley.

It’s got us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!