Jason Statham's girl criticises big-headed celebs

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is happy to admit that her job is frivolous.

The stunning model, who has also branched out into acting and designing, enjoys her career but is realistic about the significance of what she does.

I mean, it’s self-indulgent,’ says Rosie, 26.

It’s not like I’m a nurse or I’m helping people with their finances. I think it’s important to be aware of that.’

Rosie admits that not all celebs have the same grounded attitude and she’s shocked by how conceited they can be.

I have seen people who think they’re doing something really noble for the world, and it’s like: you’re making a movie,’ Jason Statham‘s girl tells The Observer Magazine.

You’re doing what makes you happy, but get real right now. Certain people take themselves very, very seriously and it’s just unnecessary.

That’s a funny thing with celebrity and charity work, too, isn’t it? It’s not selfless, either.’

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Anna Francis