It's a time for all-things-rugby this week as the Rugby World cup kicks off - but these pictures from James Haskell are diverting our attention!

Move over footballers! Because the England rugby team are totally taking over!

The Rugby World Cup kicks off with England playing Fiji, but it seems that the game isn’t the only thing on James Haskell‘s mind.

The 30 year-old has completely bared (almost) all for a photoshoot with Sports Magazine ahead of the competition – and from what it looks like, this lad doesn’t have any body hang-ups!

You’d only have to take one look at the photos to have faith in the team as James seems to be VERY in shape.

The England rugby player admits that he is proud of his impressive physique but it took a lot of hard work and pressure to get to the stage he’s at.

James said: ‘I had to battle to put on size early in my career. Warren Gatland – who was the coach of ‘The Wasps ‘at the time – was a huge advocate of wanting his young players to be big, so he locked me in the gym for about six months.’

The most important thing for me right now, though, is performance. I’m obviously proud of my body and work very hard for it, but I don’t eat or train to have a good body – I eat to perform.’

James’ girlfriend, Chloe Madeley also posed nude recently for a photoshoot in Women’s Health magazine. 28 year-old Chloe is the daughter of daytime television gurus Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. She is a fitness icon herself, having appeared on both Dancing On Ice and The Jump.  She has been dating James since last December.



James is now no doubtedly gearing himself up for the start of the world cup, and we will be sure to check him out in his rugby shorts at the match – anything to remind us of the overly-hot pictures!

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Alice Murray