Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's daughter was star-struck


Rumer Willis has confessed that she used to fancy stepdad Ashton Kutcher.

The actress was shocked when the hunk, 30, started dating her mum Demi Moore, 45, in 2003.

‘Ash was a heart-throb to me,’ she admits. ‘I had pictures of him on my walls at boarding school and I remember my mom saying that her new “friend” Ashton was going to come and hang with us.

‘I said, “Whoa, wait – Ashton Kutcher?” and I kind of freaked out a little bit. I definitely blushed.’

But Rumer, 20 – whose dad is Bruce Willis, 53, was thrilled when Ashton and Demi tied the knot in 2005.

‘I got over any strangeness because I’d never seen my mum happier,’ she tells You Magazine.

‘It was like watching two 16-year-olds who were going to the prom together and were totally in love.

Ashton is like a friend as well as a stepdad. We talk about everything – auditions, boyfriends, family.

He understands more than my parents sometimes because he’s closer to my age.’

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Carrie Ann Wilcox