Harry Potter star is remarkably calm


Rupert Grint is so laidback that even being set on fire doesn’t faze him.

The actor – who shot to fame as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films – admits he wasn’t even aware of the frightening incident when it was happening.

I caught fire once and didn’t really notice,’ says Rupert, 25.

It was about four years ago at a festival. There were these tables with candles on them.

I was talking to somebody by one of these tables and my T-shirt suddenly caught fire. I didn’t panic at all.

I got burnt a little, but not terribly. It was extinguished quickly, but even I was surprised how calm I was.’

Rupert always manages to keep his cool and was similarly unflustered when he went to Paris for a film premiere and forgot his suitcase.

I got through it – I can’t remember if I borrowed clothes or bought new ones,’ he tells The Sunday Times Magazine.

Didn’t really stress about it.’

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Anna Francis