Comedian says dad began his wild ways

Russell Brand says he and his dad picked up prostitutes together while on holiday in Thailand when Russell was only 16.

‘I was still young enough not to think “this is mental”,’ he says.

The 31-year-old TV presenter claims he and his father took three hookers back to the hotel room they were sharing.

‘Flying back from Bangkok I remember my dad saying, “I went away wiv a boy, but I’m coming back wiv a man!”’

The self-confessed ladies’ man has allegedly bedded 2,000 women in his time.

Russell’s past conquests are reported to include Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Kate Lawler. But the rampant romper claims he’s now tamed.

‘I’ve got one girl now and it’s lovely,’ he tells The Times Magazine. ‘She’s 19 and an art student from a good family. Lovely, lovely girl.’

We’ll see…

Anna Taylor