The sister of Peaches Geldof lets rip at Russell over inappropriate drug gags at charity event

Out of all the Geldof siblings, Fifi Geldof, has been the least vocal – until recently that is.

Following Russell Brand’s inappropriate gags at a charity event, the 32-year sister of Peaches Geldof who passed away last year from a heroin overdose, took to Instagram to make her dislike of the actor known.

Fifi, who is a PR, told her Instagram followers: ‘Less of a Russell Brand fan than ever after his offensive and highly inappropriate speech at the addiction charity event last night. Silly try hard c***. It wasn’t cool at all, needless to say.’

She also branded him, an ‘unfunny b*****d’ and an ‘uber-douche extraordinaire’.


Her rant came after Russell, 40, who has also battled drug addiction, made reference to cocaine’s white powder as he told the crowd: ‘From what I’ve experienced, a lot of people here are on drugs right now. The toilet is like an avalanche.’

Aiming his ill timed jibes at Madness frontman Suggs he went on to add: ‘Suggs has grabbed a trumpet, that’s always a good sign. As long as that’s the only bugle he uses tonight, we’ll remain positive.’ Bugle is a street term for cocaine.

Referring to the charity Focus 12’s founder Chip Somers, he also told guests at the event at London’s Porchester Hall: ‘Chip said, “If you don’t stop taking drugs in the next six months you’ll be dead, in a lunatic asylum or in prison”. So I thought: “Well, I’ve got five months, three weeks and six days before I have to do anything, f*** that.”’

Fifi not only suffered the loss of her sister Peaches who died at the age of 25 in Wrotham, Kent in April 2014, after a heroin overdose but her mum, Paula Yates also died of the same drug following an overdose at the age of 41 in 2000.

Russell was a compere at a fundraiser for alcohol and drug addiction charity Focus 12 in central London on Wednesday night and it seems his gags didn’t got down too well.

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Lucretia Munro