But comedian reckons they could make good on-screen siblings

Russell Brand wouldn’t want to appear in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean film – because he’d be starstruck by Johnny Depp.

The comedian has been tipped to land a part in the adventure franchise since last year.

But Russell, 34, thinks there are too many factors that rule him out. 

‘It’s Disney, so that’s a lot of pressure and you can’t say anything nuts,’ he says.

‘Secondly, it’s Johnny Depp and he is a massive movie star, so I would feel insecure.’

But Russell reckons he has the right look to join the cast.

‘I would be good as Johnny Depp‘s brother,’ he jokes. ‘Actually, you are beginning to sway me!’

Johnny, 45, will return as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which is due for release next year. 

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Lorraine Crowther