Comedian praises co-star for politely accepting gift

Dame Helen Mirren owns a pair of Russell Brand’s undies.

The comic, 33, gave his used pants to the actress, 63, when they finished shooting The Tempest.

‘On the last day of filming I was running late, so I just shoved on a pair of yellow American Apparel underpants,’ he told the audience at his stand-up gig at Hammersmith Apollo.

‘At the end of filming I rushed back to my dressing room and spotted a black pair and thought I’d change.

‘As I rushed out of the dressing room I came face-to-face with Helen, still holding my dirty pants head high.

‘That’s when I heard my voice saying: “Would you like these?” She took them and said “Thank you.” Why? Because she was being polite – because she’s a Dame.’

Dame Helen Mirren sparkles