Comedian claims he doesn't like being the centre of attention

Russell Brand is the man of the moment. Famed for his messy hair, womanising ways and his particularly loud mouth, who’d have guessed the 31-year-old hates people staring when he’s working out?

On his new Radio 2 Saturday evening show, the comedian has admitted, ‘I don’t like the atmosphere in gyms, I don’t like people looking at me.’

Seems surprising for a man who makes his living out of his attention-grabbing gobby gaffs!

As well as playing his favourite tunes by T-Rex, Tom Waits and Gang of Four, he also shares pearls of wisdom with his audience.

‘You must be truthful to yourself and celebrate who you are and then the mundane can become heroic,’ he announced recently.

Perhaps Russell should stick with the comedy…

Anna Taylor

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