Comedian says he's not a Bridezilla

Russell Brand is plotting revenge on fiancée Katy Perry after she posted a snap online of him wearing a wedding dress.

The comedian says the photo has been taken out of context. 

Katy, that little cow, keeps calling me a Bridezilla,’ says Russell, 34.

Jarvis Cocker wrote Just Say Yes, the single we’re releasing, and for that one of the costumes I wore was a wedding dress.

‘I sent Katy a picture and she put it on the internet and goes, “Oh look at him he’s obsessed with this wedding.”‘

Russell has hinted that he has his own incriminating pictures of Katy, 25.

‘I’m trying to think of a way to get revenge,’ he tells MTV.

‘Let me tell you there are photos of her on my phone that could go nuclear but a man has to be respectful.

‘I’m so tempted but I feel I’m going to need my testicles for the future.’

Russell and Katy got engaged in India on New Year’s Eve.

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