Noel has discovered some, erm, 'evidence' in Russell's car

Russell Brand has worn a lot of hats during his time in the public eye – comedian, TV presenter and most recently political revolutionary. But according to Noel Gallagher, there may be some other, darker parts to Russell’s personality that we could have never imagined…

Noel opened up about a recent car ride he shared with pal Russell – and the discovery of a particular item caused him to question whether he had ‘serial killer’ tendencies.

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Broadcast during his special show on Absolute Radio, Noel began the story: ‘I spent the day with him recently. He took me to see a match a couple of weeks ago.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

‘He drove us from the house in Maida Vale to West Ham which is the other side of the river. It was brilliant. I never get him in a car for more than five minutes. I was in the Range Rover with him… I always find it weird that under the sun visors he has wet wipes.

‘Now, that’s serial killer gear that innit? The wet wipes. If you have ever seen Making A Murderer, you’ll understand what the wet wipes thing is.’

‘Who has wet wipes in the car? What are you doing in there?’

Russell Brand GIF

Referring to the Netflix crime sensation, Noel’s implying that the use of wet wipes can help to cover up evidence – and seeing as Russell has the same in his car, does this reveal him to be capable of unthinkable crimes?!

Erm, somehow, we don’t think so.

Are wet wipes that much of a strange glove compartment fixture, Noel? Granted, there doesn’t seem to be any babies to mop up in Russell’s life, but perhaps Russell’s just a very hygienic guy?

If wet wipes are the worst thing to be found in Russell’s ride, then we think that’s probably cause for celebration!