Comedian thinks Radio 2 scandal was blown out of proportion

Russell Brand doesn’t regret insulting Andrew Sachs on his Radio 2 show in October.

The comedian and Jonathan Ross, 48, caused controversy when they made prank calls to the Fawlty Towers star, 78.

But Russ, 33, reckons the scandal was blown out of proportion.

‘I’m more offended by people saying it’s not funny than by anything else that’s happened,’ he tells GQ.

‘The reason it was funny is because it IS so wrong – such an incredibly rude thing to do. That’s what was funny.

‘People have got to be able to see, I hope, the distinction. Of course it’s really rude to have done that, and that’s why I resigned and all of that stuff – but because it’s such a terrible thing to do, that’s what’s funny.

‘I apologised for it. Now, what about all that f***ing madness? The phenomenon. Nobody’s responding to the actual event, I think.’