Katy Perry's ex-hubby Russell Brand thinks she should go for Robert Pattinson rather than John Mayer. Er, did anyone ask you, Russell?

Katy Perry says she hasn’t heard from Russell Brand since he let her know he was filing for divorce 18 months ago.

So Katy will be less than thrilled to know her ex-hubbyhas been sticking his oar into her love life, saying he hopes she ends up with Robert Pattinson rather than bad boy John Mayer.

Russell, 38, made the comments to friends just days after Katy revealed exactly how he told her he was ending their 14-month marriage in December 2011.

Katy claims in a Vogue interview published last week: ‘He texted me saying he was divorcing me.’

Katy, 28, has long since moved on but it seems her love life hasn’t got any less complicated.

After admitting still being ‘madly in love’ with John, the pair got back together.

According to our source, Russ doesn’t approve and is desperate for her to end up with a decent guy – someone like Twilight star Rob.

The insider says: ‘Ever since he divorced Katy he’s felt an incredible amount of guilt and he wants to see her settle down with a good man.

‘He thinks John will only hurt her.’

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