The This Morning couple updated their wills ahead of Eamonn’s operation

Ruth Langsford has revealed how she worried that husband Eamonn Holmes wouldn’t SURVIVE his recent hip operation.

The 55-year-old presenter admits that both she and Eamonn, 56, had secret concerns about his double hip replacement surgery, which took place earlier this month and took just over three hours to complete.


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‘We never voiced the fear of him not coming round from the anaesthetic,’ Ruth tells Best magazine. ‘But we were both thinking it.

’It was weird – I went to bed, standing in our bathroom taking my make-up off with all Eamonn’s things there – and trying to stop the maudlin thoughts of what if anything happens.

‘All those awful thoughts were fighting there way to the front of my mind.’

Despite knowing that it was highly unlikely that anything could go wrong, Ruth still had her worries and the couple decided to update their wills just in case.

‘We set up a meeting just before Christmas and suddenly it seemed very poignant,’ she explains.

‘To be sitting there, saying things like, “So, Eamonn, if you die first, what will happen to…”

‘Having that conversation with such a big operation looming took on a whole new meaning.’

Ruth was clearly very anxious about Eamonn’s surgery after several months of waiting.

‘Logically, the risk is miniscule but this operation has been looming for a while now and you consider everything,’ the Loose Women star confesses.

‘I just couldn’t bear to have that conversation. I felt as if time, real life, was suspended.’

Fortunately all went well with Eamonn’s procedure and he is continuing his recovery at home.

Ruth – who has a son, Jack, with Eamonn – has been supporting her man all the way and recently posted a gushing message for him on Twitter to celebrate Valentine’s day.

‘Love is all you need,’ she wrote. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life @EamonnHolmes’

Awww, you guys!

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