Eva Mendes' man grew up around women


Ryan Gosling has a huge female following – and perhaps it’s because he thinks like a girl.

The Hollywood heartthrob says he thinks his thought processes are more like a woman’s after spending lots of time with female family members when growing up.

I feel that I think like a girl, just through osmosis, really, living with my mom and sister,’ says Ryan, 32.

They talk so much. If you live in a house with just women when your brain is forming, well, I think my thought process became more similar to a woman’s.

I talk to my friends and I feel a connection. A lot of my friends grew up with single mothers.

And it’s like we communicate differently. I never spent a lot of time around a lot of guys.’

Ryan admits his youth wasn’t always easy – after appearing on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club for two years he was bullied at school.

He ended up being suspended after he retaliated.

I’d had a taste of this life, and it’s hard to go back to school and just be a kid,’ Eva Mendes‘ man tells Sunday Times Style.

You get into fights, you get called names, “You’re gay”, you’re just a target.’

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Anna Francis