Way before Ryan Ruckledge appeared on Big Brother; before he attempted The X Factor in 2015, but got drunk instead of trying to get through to the next phase; before he put on blackface and kept it on his social media before going on a national TV show, Ryan was part of a double-act. A very embarrassing double-act.

In 2013, the controversial BB star ‘auditioned’ for The X Factor with his mate Liddia, who both apparently work in Telesales but not together, or something. As they run into the room in their flamboyant outfits, Ryan gives his number to Louis Walsh. You know, maybe sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.

The pair sung a… rendition of Shooting Star by Owl City, which led Louis to say: ‘You are the two most deluded people I have ever seen.’

Ryan Ruckledge on The X Factor



Ryan replied: ‘Louis Walsh you wouldn’t know what talent was if it hit you in the face with a brick’

Is that the most sensible thing he’s ever said?

It was Gary Barlow (remember him?) who summed him up the best: ‘That guy was like a wasp at a picnic… just the noise, it’s like get off!’


But that’s not the only time the fame-hungry reality star has graced our screens. OTHER than getting kicked off the 2015 version for being drunk, he also appeared on This Morning to talk about how much he enjoyed taking illegal tanning injections.

Phillip Schofield had to do his best concerned voice.

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So there you have it: not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times Ryan Ruckledge has been vying for the public’s affection. Can he do it in this series of Big Brother?

It’s all up to you.