Rylan Clark-Neal talks about Katie Price, running the country and replacing Dermot O’Leary as host of the NTAs

Rylan Clark-Neal hasn’t had an easy few months – after a hectic stint on Celebrity Apprentice, he also said farewell to the Big Brother house when it was demolished last month.

But not only does the former Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host have a replica Diary Room at home, we found out he’s got an electric loo, too!

‘Just press that bit there to make it close over!’ says Rylan, 30, as he breaks off our chat, ‘I’m so sorry I’ve got an automatic toilet and my friend’s just come over and I don’t want her to kill herself with the door. Sorry, my life’s crazy!’ No kidding.

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And, although it’s hard to imagine why, despite having one of the most recognisable faces on TV, The X Factor singer-turned-presenter has never wanted to use his fame for gig access, until now…

Hi, Rylan! How’s your Radio 2 Saturday show going?

It’s going really well… I’m not taking it as serious as I should.

I know how prestigious it is to have a job at Radio 2, but I’m just having fun with it. I’ve not broken anything, I’ve not said f**k. Just a little falafel wrap from Pret and I’m good to go.

Your Radio 2 pal Dermot O’Leary is now stepping down as host of the NTAs. How do you feel?

I’m gutted to see he’s stepping down, but that’s 10 years he’s done it and if that’s what he wants, then good luck to him. He’s been a great host on that show.

You’re the favourite to replace him, alongside John Barrowman and a ‘little-known’ Phillip Schofield…

Am I? Oh well, it’ll probably be Phil Schofield. He does everything else, doesn’t he?

We want your face back on TV – ASAP!

I don’t think I’ve been bookies’ favourite to win anything apart from Big Brother. I’ll own that. I might put a bet on…

Have you been asked to replace Derm?

No, I’ve not heard anything. If it comes a-knocking we’ll see what happens…When I get the text off Dermot saying ‘I think we need to have a meeting!’, I’ll be like, ‘S**t! What have I done?’

Has taking part in Celebrity Apprentice made you want to run the country?

Run the country? It’d be a f*****g breeze! But [being on] Celebrity Apprentice? I ain’t doing that again!

Why not?

It was one of the hardest processes I’ve ever had to go through! The stress was unbelievable. For the past seven years I’ve been my own boss, but there are such strict guidelines. It sounds really muggy, it was like I was right back on The X Factor.

What did you learn about yourself in the process?

That I’ve got a high temper threshold. I didn’t lash out at anyone [Rylan was the boys’ team leader for Richard Arnold, Russell Kane, Omid Djalili and Sam Allardyce], but I was close. The girls’ team [which included Ayda Field, Amanda Holden and Kelly Hoppen] had it f*****g easy. Them three could f*****g take over the world, let alone put on a challenge.

Your friend Katie Price has had a rough time of it lately…

Kate’s always all right – she bounces back on those titties more than anything. She’s a good girl. It’s brilliant the stuff she’s done with Harvey’s Law. Kate could invent the cure for whatever and she’d still be judged [by the haters].

Are there any TV shows you’d love to host?

A million, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing. One got announced, but my name’s not part of it at the minute and it caused a bit of an outrage.

Who should replace Mel B on America’s Got Talent?

Has she left? [She reportedly got axed] I love Mel B. She’s brilliant. She was my first-ever guest on my chat show. She’s like Louis Walsh, older than water, you can’t replace Mel.

As a massive Spice Girls fan, have you got tour tickets?

Geri [Horner] texted me saying, ‘You are coming to the show, aren’t you? You’ll come as my guest.’ But if Geri has a little memory lapse, I’ve never said this statement and I’ll never say it again, I’m f*****g famous! I will go through any security… I will use my face and my f*****g teeth! If she forgets tickets I will happily get arrested. I will get backstage. I will do what I want because this is my moment, as Martine McCutcheon once said. I’m already crying.

You could fill in for Posh! Are you up for that?

If there is any Posh filler, I’ve got the dress – I put that pout in every three months.

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