Who said less is more?

Rylan Clark-Neal burst on to our screens during the 2012 X-Factor auditions with his peroxide blonde hair and Ibiza version of ‘Kissing You’ from the film, Romeo and Juliet.

Rylan Clark-Neal

The born entertainer came fifth in the competition and the following year went on to win Celebrity Big Brother. The public couldn’t get enough of the over-the-top Essex boy and now has a super successful career presenting regular spots on This Morning and hosting Big Brother. So, let’s take a look inside his house…


When it comes to Rylan’s five bedroom bungalow – that he shares with hubby, Dan Neal, 38 – this Essex pad is full of sparkle, bright colours, fun artwork and ridiculous accessories. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Rylan…

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Most people opt for yellow lighting in their homes. Nope, not Rylan. The Essex boy went for a subtle *coughs* shade of blue. That, along with the floor to ceiling windows and open plan living space make this hidden house look almost futuristic.

Coffee and a Coke …. will I die?

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This is the perfect area to host an over-the-top dinner party. The burgandy, velour dining chairs clearly aren’t enough though and the pair have made a huge feature wall in glitter.

Literally been staring at the same paragraph for 25 minutes #BLOCK

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Rylan has previously revealed he wanted the house to have a ‘Big Brother’ feel to it, and the master bedroom captures that perfectly. Minimalistic, spacious but most importantly, entertaining! The bed is furry, glows in the dark and has a telescope for long distance celeb spotting. What more could you want?

In homage to himself, Rylan has a huge piece of X Factor memorabilia on the wall. He clearly doesn’t want to forget the Spice Girls Medley he performed – wearing that ACTUAL Union Jack jacket – complete with his own supporting ‘Spice Boys’.

And judging by the enormous teddy bear he bought for his husband, Rylan loves to go all out.

Wow. More glitter.

And a very odd colour sofa….. it IS Rylan’s house though and somehow it works.

Happy Valentine's Day x

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Awwww Rylan you’re so cute. We love you too!

Words by Leanne Carr