Hannah’s ex-fiance hits out after she reportedly rekindles her romance with S Club 7 bandmate Paul

When S Club 7 announced their reunion tour last year many fans were hoping that bandmates Hannah Spearritt and Paul Cattermole might get back together too.

Now it appears that the S Clubbers – who dated from 2001 to 2006 – have fulfilled those dreams and got back together – awww!

It’s not all been plain-sailing though. Hannah’s former fiancé Adam Thomas has blasted the singer for moving on with Paul so soon after they split.

Hannah, 34, is reportedly now living with Paul, 38. and it’s left personal trainer Adam in a state of shock.

‘Hannah moaned to me until she was blue in the face about Paul – she said he was so fat he could hardly dance,’ says Adam, 35.

‘And now she’s with him. He’d moved into my bed before it’d got cold – that’s the biggest kick in the teeth.

‘I’d do anything for that girl. I was so happy. I wanted her to be my wife. I wanted children with her. I saw the rest of my life with her.

‘I’m an emotional wreck. I’m having counselling, I’m on anti-depressants.’

Adam – who started dating Hannah in May 2013 and got engaged to her just seven months later – claims that he and Hannah took a break from their relationship in April due to her hectic schedule rehearsing for S Club’s tour.

He says that they remained in touch when the concerts kicked off two weeks later and hoped they might be able to work through things, so was left shocked when Hannah sent a text saying it was over.

Adam soon discovered that Paul had moved into Hannah’s home.

‘She said “I’ve moved on”, and I knew something wasn’t right,’ Adam tells the Mirror.

‘I cycled straight around to her house like a maniac. I walked straight in and there they were both sitting there.

‘I wanted to understand why she was with him when I had to listen to three months of her moaning about him being so fat, letting the band down, not turning up to rehearsals, ­calling her every night and not leaving her alone.’

Hannah and Paul haven’t commented on the claims but Hannah has hinted on Twitter that someone might have upset her.

Her cover photo features the words: ‘I look back on so many people from my past n don’t understand why i wanted them around for a’

She also posted an emotional message for her followers telling them that she loved them.

The tour might be over but it looks like Hannah and Paul are going to continue the S Club party!

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