Singer splashed the cash during S Club 7 heyday

S Club’s Tina Barrett has revealed that she once spent £5,000 on a pair of Gucci thigh-length snakeskin boots.

Pop group S Club 7 were together from 1999 until 2003, and it seems that Tina enjoyed the benefits of their fame after splashing out a shopping trip with her bandmates.

‘I was with Jo O’Meara and Jon Lee and I tried them on,’ says Tina, 36.

‘And they said, “You look amazing, you should get them.” I thought the boots would change my life.

‘I took them to the counter and the assistant said: “That’s £5,000 please.” I got out of the shop and was sweating and hyperventilating.

‘I didn’t tell anyone how much they cost because I was so ashamed. I wore them once but I’ve still got them.’

Tina will never forget her worst wardrobe malfunction at a Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party.

‘I did a big kick and the crotch of my trousers split,’ she tells Metro.

‘I didn’t even notice until I got off stage.’

Anna Francis