Fashion designer Sadie Frost reveals her torment in new book

Sadie Frost suffered from severe postnatal depression after the birth of her second son Rafferty.

The actress-turned-fashion designer, who fell for Raff’s dad Jude Law after separating from first husband Gary Kemp, was overwhelmed with the urge to harm herself.

‘I watched my hand slowly pick up a pair of scissors. It was as if I was being sucked down lower into the chair and the scissors seemed to be drawn to my arm,’ she writes in new autobiography Crazy Days.

‘I appeared to have cut myself. Blood dripped down my arm. There was no
sense of panic within me – I just felt empty.’

Sadie, 45, was admitted to hospital and successfully treated for PND, but the illness returned with the birth of her third child, daughter Iris Tallulah, in 2000.

‘The more I worried about my condition, the more self-obsessed I became and the less attention I gave Jude,’ Sadie recalls. ‘I hid my pain by falling back on parties and socialising.’

Sadie, 45, and Jude Law, 37, went on to have another son, Rudy, in 2002 but divorced in 2003.

Sadie‘s book Crazy Days is out on 6 September.

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Reena Sewraz