Twins reckon reality TV is easier than real life

Sam and Amanda Marchant have revealed that they want to return to the Big Brother house.

They loved kipping in the unisex room.

‘We had our friends with us, all the time, like a big sleepover every night,’ say the 19-year-old sisters.

And the twins reckon reality TV is easier than, er, reality.

‘The Big Brother house is unstressful because you don’t have to make any decisions,’ they tell Weekend magazine. ‘Everything is done for you. Oh my God, we’ve got to buy our own stuff. We want to be back in again.’

But the ditsy blondes confess they hated being separated in the house.

‘People separate us to try and make us independent,’ they explain. ‘When we’re on our own we just think, “What do we do now?”

‘We can’t be by ourselves when we’re on our own.’

Maybe Big Brother can sort it for Sam and Amanda to be locked in the compound forever.