This would be so cute!

Sam and Billie Faiers have opened up about their future baby plans – and we their broods could be expanding at the SAME time.

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In an interview with the Mail Online, the sisters revealed they will be waiting a while until they have more babies, as they have their hands fill with their little ones at the moment.


Billie said: ‘Do you know what, no, I think I want to get my… if I was to think about having another baby, I wouldn’t want to fall pregnant until the end of next year. I want to get my 30th out the way – I’ve got so much work and stuff going on!’

While Sam added: ‘Mine is as well, sharing your time with them, because mine are still both at home with me, so when they are there in the school, or when little Paul is in school…

‘I wouldn’t even think about having another one until at least one is in school… it’s hard isn’t it, it’s full on.’

But it seems that when the time comes around, the Faiers sisters could be syncing up their calendars so they get their baby bumps at the same time.

When asked if they would like to have a baby at the same time, Billie said: ‘Yeah, of course we would!’

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Sam added: ‘It’s just so easy to be pregnant together, we didn’t go to the club together for four and half years.’

Discussing how the new baby would impact the family’s dynamic, Sam hinted that a third baby for either of them would be extra spoiled.

‘But now it’s a big gap to the next baby, the next baby is going to be spoilt. Imagine all four of them over them?’, she said.

With Billie sweetly adding: ‘I know Rosie is still our little baby, but she is like a little girl now… a little lady.’

We can’t wait to see more cute little ones on The Mummy Diaries…