Former X Factor winner Sam Bailey strips off to reveal her post-baby curves following a new diet plan

Sam Bailey‘s flicking through an issue of Now when she spies a snap of Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke. ‘Oooh, hello ­ he looks pretty fit,’ she coos. This is why we love Sam. The 38-year-old mum of three is as far away from a diva as you can get. The only thing she requests during our shoot is a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich. She also can’t wait to tell us about her new kitchen. ‘It has an island and a f***ing hot water tap,’ she cackles.

Kitchens aside, the former X Factor winner is looking amazing, having lost 2st 7lb and three dress sizes since giving birth to daughter Miley last September. What’s her secret? Sam’s been following the Exante Diet. Her legs are toned and her bum is peachy ­ and it¹s clear the size 12 star also has her mojo back!

Here, Sam explains why she chooses ‘feeling comfortable over a six-pack’ and why she’d never send her hubby Craig a
naked picture…

Sam, you look great! How does it feel slipping into a bikini again?
I’m feeling fabulous and body confident. I’ve never been comfortable with my clothes off, but I’m rocking it for women everywhere! I’m going away at the end of month and I’ll proudly be wearing a bikini then too.

When was the last time you wore a bikini before starting to slim?
In 2008. I always used to wear what they call a ‘mummy suit’ ­ you know, an old-fashioned costume that holds you in.

Is this the most confident you’ve ever felt?
I was very confident on The X Factor, but since having a baby this is the best I’ve been. I’ve put my old size 18 clothes in the bin!

How much weight did you lose?
I started dieting in April, dropping from 13st 1Ib to 10st 10lb in three months. I was a size 18 and now I’m a 12. Even my feet have gone down a shoe size.

Wow! Do you plan on losing any more weight?
I’d like to get down to 10st 7Ib, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact I’ll never be a size 10 again because I have childbearing hips. I’m quite happy to be a mum and I’m comfortable in my own skin rather than trying to get a six-pack to make other people happy.

How have you done it?
I’ve been following the Exante Diet, which switches your body into a state of ketosis. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get used to eating better. It’s changed my thoughts about food ­ I’ll have a carvery but no carbs ­ and I’m maintaining my weight with exercise. It’s about balance. If I can do this, anyone can. Stick to it, you’ll see the results.

What exercise do you like to do?
I get bored easily at the gym, so I need to do something that takes my mind off the fact I’m exercising. I like to cycle every other day ­ I’ll do seven or eight miles.

We bet your husband Craig can’t keep his hands off you!
To be honest, we’ve been living in the air. When we went to Barbados in July, it was like having a second honeymoon.

Have things improved for you in the bedroom?
My sex life’s rocketed since Craig had the snip in April! We don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, as I definitely don’t want any more kids now [the couple have Tommy, 10, Brooke, six, and Miley, nearly one together]. When Craig saw some new pics of me, he texted me: ‘You look really hot!’ I replied: ‘Guess who you’re taking out for a carvery tonight?!’ That’s the banter ­ I don’t send messages, like: ‘I’m going to get naked for you.’ I’ve never sent a pic of  my baps to him!

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