The upcoming Celebrity Big Brother has a Gold Stars V All Stars theme... and it looks like one particular Love Island couple could be taking part!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re very much enjoying all the rich Crimbo TV content currently hitting up our ol’ boxes.

However, there comes a time when ‘ya just kinda miss watching poor unsuspecting people get continually pied off by their equally attractive contestants. Right?!

Heck, of course we’re talking about Love Island!

Because, as the winter months grow colder and darker, we couldn’t be further away from all that sunshine and excessively snogging. Withdrawal symptoms? Yup, bags of ’em.

And, although there is no current confirmation, we’re guessing a brand spankin’ new series of Love Island won’t be hitting up our screens till summer time.

Which, lets be honest, may as well be in 2030 as far as we’re concerned.

Worry not, however! As word on the street is that one *particular* Love Island favourite couple may be about to invade our TV screens once more- in the name of none other than Celebrity Big Brother!

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We’ll give ‘ya three guesses… they’re ridiculously attractive, they made it to the final and they’re now the proud parents of a pretty darn adorable pooch.

You guessed it! IT’S ALEX AND OLIVIA!

Had the best night ever with this one. ❤️💋 being slobs still hungover 😂⭐️

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In fact, Olivia has shared some pretty interesting stuff which is possibly hinting at a CBB appearance- having told The Sun that ‘I don’t think that I’ll ever be done (with reality TV), I’d never say never, you never know what’s going to happen’.

Olivia then added, ‘I loved the experience of Love Island and if I could do something similar with Alex then I don’t think I could say no’- before confirming she’d 100% be on CBB, just as long as Al was too.

Do ‘ya hear that, Channel 5?! Lets make it happen!

The upcoming CBB is set to be a bit a rollercoaster, with a cast of Big Brother all stars believed to be joining some fresh faces.

The series, which starts in early January of next year, is themed Gold Stars V All Stars, and is rumoured to see the return of some golden housemates such as Spiedi, Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins.

Oh, and Alex and Olivia if we play our cards right… Please, God of TV, make it happen!

Alice Perry