As Sam Faiers is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Paul Knightly, she talks about giving birth on screen and having her pregnancy announcement leaked.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage – that’s how the old saying goes doesn’t it? Well not necessarily, and definitely not for former TOWIE girl Sam Faiers.

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Although 24-year-old Sam only met 27-year-old boyfriend Paul Knightley for the first time back in October last year, the couple are already 20 weeks pregnant with their first baby together.

‘We haven’t been together very long’, says Sam. ‘But you know when it’s right.’ And Paul agrees that ‘you just get that feeling.’

And it seems that having a family has always been more important then getting married for the couple, as Sam previously told OK! magazine: ‘We talk about kids more than we do about marriage.’

The pair announced the exciting news on August 21, by posting a pic of them both along with a baby emoji. How very 2015 of them.

But that’s not exactly how Sam wanted things to go when it came to confirming the pregnancy. The couple had planned to break the news after the August bank holiday, but the news someone got leaked.

‘I was so upset. It was such a shame.’

With Sam having shared so much of her life on TOWIE and her sister Billie Faier’s birth filming the birth of her daughter Nelly, will she be doing the same and film the birth of her first born?

‘As soon as the baby’s out and on my chest, I want to capture that moment.’

‘Paul’s going to be eyes on me the whole time and my sister and mum are both useless with cameras so I’ll have to set up a camera in the corner at this rate!’

This could be the first of many children for the couple, with Paul saying that he’d like to have ‘more than four children’, and Sam agreeing that she thinks they’ll have a big family: ‘But then my whole life is just being pregnant and breastfeeding!’

As for the birth itself, while others might be anxious or scared about the whole ordeal, with Sam already having been a birthing partner three times already, she’s an old pro at the whole shebang.

‘Each time has been quite traumatic. I just want mine to be as easy and as normal as possible.’

Well, at least she’s had a practice run at this whole parenting thing by babysitting for her 14-month-old niece Nelly, which has been a bit of a wake-up call for Paul too!

‘I’ve learnt I need eyes in the back of my head.’

If only Paul, if only.

What about life after the baby’s arrival though – is there a wedding on the cards?

Sam says: ‘I don’t want Paul to feel under pressure to propose just because I’m expecting’, but Paul is adamant that they ‘will get married.’

We won’t get our hats out QUITE yet then, but we’ve got all our congratulations amd ‘awws!’ at the ready for when the baby arrives in the beginning of January!

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