The public breastfeeding debate rages on...


It’s either the most natural thing in the world or something that should be kept behind close doors, but one celebrity keeps getting caught up into the public breastfeeding debate: Sam Faiers.

The former TOWIE star uploaded a snap of her feeding young son Paul , as they both snuggled up in bed. She captioned the picture: ‘Milk & bed’.

Sam Faiers breastfeeding baby Paul

However the picture sparked a huge debate on Twitter about whether she should have made the intimate scene so public.


One fan wrote: ‘I’m all for women breast feeding in public but does Sam Faiers really need to put it on her snapchat story’^tfw

Whereas another shared disbelief in the pic by reposting it and writing: ‘Sam Faiers snapchat story wtf’ with crying-with-laughter-emojis.

However, many fans jumped to her defence. One wrote: ‘Leave the poor woman alone she breast feeding her baby what the harm in that!! People need to stop being negative @SamanthaFaiers [sic.]’

And one added: ‘@SamanthaFaiers snapchat story just made me so proud, making breastfeeding so normalised and beautiful #supportbreastfeeding’

This isn’t the first time the 25-year-old has been caught up in this debate. In March this year, she posted a similar picture with then-newborn baby while on holiday.

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Despite any criticism the star has remained defiant and continues to share the snaps with her fans.

Is Sam Faiers right to post these pictures on social media or should she be keeping them private?

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