Things are getting complicated...

Sam Faiers found herself getting unexpectedly involved in a Celebrity Big Brother drama last night during a lovers’ tiff between Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor.

Things became tense between the pair in Tuesday night’s episode when Lewis showed Marnie one of his ex-girlfriends on the box of some false eyelashes belonging to Saira Khan – awks.


Lewis Bloor admits he’s in LOVE with Marnie Simpson

And even though the packet wasn’t shown on screen, many viewers think the mystery lady could be Lewis’ former flame Sam.

Fans took to Twitter to speculate about the incident, with one writing: ‘It was Sam Faiers on eyelash box. ex Towie star n ex cbb.’

Another posted: ‘Is it safe 2assume the ex @lewis_bloor was talking about being on a box of eyelashes was Sam Faiers? #bbuk #CBBLewis’

Ooh, interesting! It’s thought that Lewis, 26, and fellow TOWIE face Sam, 25, dated many years ago when they were teenagers and not as recently as Mr Bloor has suggested in the house.

[GIF] Sam Faiers

The whole incident seemed to really upset Geordie Shore star Marnie, 24, who earlier in the show had been discussing the prospect of continuing her romance with Lewis on the outside.

That all changed when Lewis showed her the picture of his ex though, causing the two to have a spat which seemed to leave Marns in tears.

‘I feel like the bubble we’ve had has just burst,’ the reality star said later on. ‘He’s obviously sitting there knowing how awkward I feel.’

Marnie also got very emotional when discussing the incident in the Diary Room.

‘You’ve got a model there, so what are you doing with me?’ she tearfully said about Lewis.

‘That’s what I felt like. I felt, “Is this just an act?”’

Saira Khan – who became the next contestant to be evicted towards the end of the show – confessed that she was sceptical about the drama though and wondered if it was a ploy to save Lewis from getting the boot from the house.

‘I know both of them are such good actors,’ she claimed. ‘The thing is – this old lady, she ain’t buying it.’

Yikes, SO much drama.

Anna Francis