Forget messy celebrity bedrooms, how about messy children’s play rooms and that’s what poor Sam Faiers was faced with when she caught baby Paul Tony, trashing his...

Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers had only just tidied up when she found her boyfriend Paul Knightley and their son Paul, sat in the middle of a ball pool in the playroom with all the toys scattered around the floor. OH-oh!

Sam uploaded the cute video to Instagram of her 19-month-old son playing, whilst she vented her frustrations in a softly spoken manner, by saying to him: ‘What are you guys doing? I just tidied this whole room. It’s bed time look at the mess.’

Oblivious to his mother’s pet hate, baby Paul continues to giggle and look at his dad whilst pulling faces.

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The next morning, Sam enters the playroom to find that for what was once tidy moments before, now had toys strewn all over the place.

Sam can be heard saying to her son, who is walking around in odd-coloured shoes: ‘You’ve just trashed the room again, in seconds, and where did the bay leaves come from?’

Aside from the mystery green leaves scattered on the floor, Paul proceeds to play at the table picking up toys and throwing them onto the floor.

Sam adds: ‘What are you doing? Oh my God.’

No matter what Sam posts of her son, he always looks like butter wouldn’t melt and we would easily forgive him in an instant with those cute dimples and beaming smile.

Sam has previously shared snaps of Paul from a recent family trip to Spain. In the pic, Paul is looking super smiley as he rocks a very cute red dungaree set with collared tee and white shoes. OH, and he’s holding a tiny Peter Rabbit ball.

The 26-year-old, who is expecting her second child, certainly has her hands full with the one she’s already got… something all mums out there can TOTALLY relate to, right?