She's already mum to baby Paul but Sam Faiers had to deny she was expecting baby number two


She’s a doting mum to baby Paul and has spoken about how much she loves being a mum. But Sam Faiers was forced to deny she was expecting baby number two.

Fans started debating whether the star was pregnant when she uploaded a photo on Instagram over the weekend.

Some users online pointed out what they believed to be a bump. One commented: ‘Pregnant again?!?!’ Another said: ‘Looks pregnant! Good news.’Another fan added: “Hmm baby bumpish?’


Sam responded to the claims in the comments section, saying: ‘I am not pregnant lol.. It’s the way I’m standing with the baby on my hip.’

GIF Sam Faiers

And many of Sam’s fans were quick to defend her. One wrote: ‘For gods sake, no one is allowed to weigh over a pound these days without being ‘pregnant’ I don’t know how you deal with it all Sam, people thinking they have a right to comment on me and my body would drive me insane! Btw you bloody gorgeous xx.’

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Another added: ‘Maybe Sam just ate or time of the month or maybe bloated why do people assume it’s pregnancy could be who knows but if she’s not these comments could be hurtful.’

Sam Faiers and son Paul

And one blasted: ‘Ease up! As if you start commented on someone’s figure about being pregnant how rude! She doesn’t in the photos she’s posted in the last few days!’

This isn’t the first time Sam Faier’s Instagram has stirred up controversy. In a video posted last week, baby Paul looked adorable in his car seat, smiling and giggling AND he even has his hands clasped together. This little bubba is growing up so fast!

One user wrote: ‘God forbid she has an accident with her son sitting sideways like that slowing to a stop does count as moving! Phone jerking about doesn’t make about car move’, which triggered another fan to write: ‘Car isn’t moving it’s her phone jerking about, bloody idiot keyboard warriors.’