TOWIE’s Sam has to wear fake lashes on the show

Sam Faiers has been puling out her own eyelashes for over 10 years.

‘It’s like my brain switches off,’ she tells us.

‘I do it in my sleep or when I’m stressed out. People do it with their hair. It’s trichotillomania, a disease millions suffer with.

‘I think there are lots of girls out there who watch TOWIE and who’d never think that they’ve got the same condition as me.’

Now 21, Sam‘s habit started when she was 8 or 9.

‘Someone – I can’t remember who – told me that if you found a stray lash and blew it away while making a wish, your wish would come true,’ she recalls.

‘I decided that the more I did that, the more chance my wish had of coming true.

‘We tried everything to get me to stop. Mum used to put mittens on my hands, but hypnotherapy’s the only thing that works.

‘I now have to wear fake lashes when I’m on TOWIE. I’ve always been honest about my condition with boyfriends and it hasn’t been an issue.

‘I’ll have no make-up on and look rough and they’ll still be like: “You look beautiful.”‘

Sam’s autobiography Living Life The Essex Way: TOWIE & Me (Simon & Schuster, £12.99) is out on 10 May.

Read the full interview with Sam Faiers in Now magazine dated 14 May 2012 – out now!


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