Which side of the latest argument will you take?


If you thought the debate over #Brexit was fierce, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Sam Faiers was once again at the centre of a heated parenting discussion on Instagram after she was slammed by some users over one particular picture of her six-month-old son Paul – causing others to leap to the new mum’s defence.

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Snapped during the family holiday Sam and her sister Billie Faiers and currently enjoying, the shot in question showed little Paul and Billie’s one-year-old daughter Nelly having fun on board a boat.

With Paul in the driving seat and Nelly riding shotgun, Sam captioned the cute shot: ‘Driving the boat with my main chick #captainpaul’

But it didn’t take long for the mum army to blast the former TOWIE star, accusing her of failing to put life jackets, sun hats and suncream on the kiddies.

One user wrote: ‘Please put life jackets on these children!’

Another added: ‘Amazing that your children get these experiences! But life jackets sun cream and sun hats would make this picture even more amazing! Beaut kids, protect them X’

‘Ouchy shoulders…. sun cream and hats! 🙈☀’ added a third.

Driving the boat with my main chick #captainpaul

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A raft of fans soon came to Sam’s defence though, arguing that the haters should ‘chill out’ and pointing out that there’s no such things as a ‘perfect’ mother.

‘People need to chill out the boats not even moving. It’s a photograph,’ one wrote.

Someone else added: ‘These children are getting amazing experiences with their mummy’s watching over their every move. Leave them alone Forgods sake!’ 

One particularly riled Sam-fan went on a bit of a rant, writing: ‘Every single picture that @samanthafaiers1 posts has people passing comment on something! Can this girl not get a break??? She’s a first time mum finding her way with her gorgeous baby who yes is called Paul! It’s up to her! Is she always right?? Probably not but that’s the beauty of learning to be a mum surely! Not knocking anyone but is everyone so perfect they haven’t learnt things along the way?’

Another blasted what she called ‘key board warriors’, speculating: ‘Perhaps they took the life jackets off for the purpose of a photo and they went straight back on.. Maybe they took their hats off for a moment for the purpose of a picture.. Perhaps they are p*ssed off with putting the hat back on the kids head 83837372 times for it to end up back on the floor.. I know I do!!’

It’s just the latest in a long line of attacks Sam has faced since giving birth to her first child in late December, with the star previously criticised for everything from carrying the tot with him facing forward to sharing an intimate snap of her breastfeeding him.

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