The former reality TV star is confronting her issues


Sam Faiers has revealed she’s in therapy for Trichotillomania – a condition which makes her pull her eyelashes out.

Sam, 28 – who has no natural eyelashes and wears false eyelashes to cover it – decided it was time to face the issue, for fear her children would develop the same compulsion.

A source close to the reality star revealed: ‘Now she has children of her own, she’s determined to seek a cure for her trich as she would be devastated if her children replicated her condition.’


Sam and boyfriend Paul Knightley have two children – Paul, three, and Rosie, two – together.

Sam’s battle with Trichotillomania first started when she was eight years old. And, a psychologist later revealed she thinks it was Sam’s step father, Dave Chatworth, being sent to prison that instigated the obsession.

‘It started when I was eight and I friend of ours said to me if you pick out an eyelash, make a wish and it’ll come true. As a young girl it’s a fairytale,’ Sam said.

‘When I was younger my [step] dad went to prison. I was picking out an eyelash and making a wish for him to come home.’


Since then it’s become a ‘habit’ she finds ‘so hard’ to stop. ‘I still don’t have it under control now. I like the feeling of it. It’s like a comfort thing’, the ex-TOWIE star revealed.

Sam has spoken openly about the effect the condition has had on her self-confidence and feeling insecure from a young age.

‘When I was at school, I was a really confident loud kid. But when you’re going into senior school and you want to look nicer. I felt like I couldn’t really look people in the eye.’

And now she’s seeking help from a professional.

‘Speaking from my own experience, you’re not the only one with insecurities, nobody’s perfect. It really helped talking to the people around me about it.’

Good for you, Sam!