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Sam Faiers has a very healthy sex life with boyfriend Paul Knightly – and she isn’t afraid to shout about it.

The former TOWIE star, 28, has confessed that she and her beau will get down and dirty anywhere in their house should the mood strike them.


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Opening up about her sex life in a candid joint interview with sister Billie, Sam admitted that her love life isn’t affected by the fact she and Paul, 30, still share a bed with their three-year-old son, also named Paul.

‘No, because Big Paul goes to bed at 1 am so I’m fast asleep by the time he comes anyway!’ Sam said about their sleeping arrangements.

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But just because the couple are on different sleep schedules, it doesn’t mean that they miss out on being intimate with each other.

Sam admitted that when the urge for sex occurs, they do it ‘as and whenever I fancy it.’

‘Whatever works. You can do it anywhere in the house – wherever the kids aren’t,’ she added to new! Magazine.

Sam previously revealed that she and Paul practised co-sleeping with their two children, which meant Sam shared a bed with daughter Rosie, 14 months, whilst Paul stayed with their son.

But Sam recently revealed that Paul Junior was set to sleep on his own for the first time since birth.

Seeking tips from fellow mums, she wrote on Instagram: ‘Hey soooo tonight Paul is going to potentially sleep in his own bed in his own room 3 years of co-sleeping and loved it, but we feel now is the right time to try. Please leave me any tips & advice.’

However, it seems all the tips and advice failed to have an impact as she admitted that little Paul is still sharing a bed with his mum and dad.

‘Baby Paul still sleeps with us every night… he’s with us for ten hours straight,’ she added to new! Magazine.