Singer's confidant claims their main worry is being financially cut off

Those closest to Britney Spears are in a public power struggle over who decides what is best for her.

‘There was a lot of arguing going on between her family and Sam Lutfi,’ says a Spears family friend who witnessed this week’s bust-ups.

‘There’s a major tug of war going on.’

Sam has been liaising with doctors but Britney’s relatives – who include mom Lynne, dad Jamie and brother Bryan – believe they should have that role.

‘They came into the house with an agenda and are trying to look like the heroes after all the dirty work has been done,’ Sam tells ‘Their main worry is being financially cut off.’

Britney – who pays for her mum’s Kentwood mansion – is said to believe tales that Lynne and boyfriend Adnan Ghalib have been conspiring against her.

But an insider says Lynne’s concern is purely about her daughter’s welfare and not about finances.

‘She does not make money off those children,’ they insist. ‘The media have made Lynne look like a money-grabber, and she isn’t.’