Emotional track Drowning Shadows will feature on the re-release of Sam Smith's album In The Lonely Hour, his final music before taking time out to 'kiss some more boys and write some more songs'


We’ve barely got to a place where we can listen to Adele‘s Hello without ending up in a hysterical mess, and now Sam Smith has unleashed the song he calls ‘the saddest I have ever written’ on us. Pass the tissues, would you?

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The track – called Drowning Shadows (sure sounds emotional, doesn’t it?) – premiered on Zane Lowe‘s Beats 1 radio show this afternoon, and we can confirm it’s a weepy one.

Speaking about the track – which features on the soon-to-be-released deluxe edition of his album, In The Lonely Hour: Drowning Shadows Edition – Sam told Zane: ‘This is proper, really dark… It’s so important for me to make soulful, true, artistic music and actually to make a point that I’m not going to do a repackage and put on there a massive, massive single that’s hopefully going to boost album sales.

‘Because Drowning Shadows the song, is the saddest song I have ever written and probably the least radio friendly song I have ever written.’

You can listen to the track on Apple Music here.

Sam announced the release of his special edition album – and gave a first look at the updated artwork – last month on Twitter, writing: ‘Ladies & Gents, Boys and Gals, I am so excited to announce my final surprise for you all… Here I give you… ‘In The Lonely Hour Drowning Shadows Edition’

‘This is a present directly from me to my fans. This album, this journey has changed my life. So I have listened to all your wants and wishes and put some tracks on this album that you all wanted originally. I have also got a new song, and a special new cover for you all.’

He added: ‘This is my thank you to you all, and the final bow before my second album. Love you all xx’

Earlier this month, Sam revealed he’s planning on taking some time out to ‘just be a 23-year-old’ – and now he says he wants to use the time to ‘kiss some more boys.’ Awww!

He said: ‘I found myself recently pressuring myself to write songs, you’ve got to have these songs to cement the rest of your career.

‘But there’s a moment where I sit back and think actually, all my dreams have come true, I’m just living the most beautiful life at the moment, so why don’t I sit back, enjoy myself, take a breath, kiss some more boys and write some more songs?’

We’re with you, Sam – just don’t stay away too long, OK?