Actress had to take 18 months off work

Samantha Morton has revealed she suffered a severe stroke 2 years ago which almost killed her.

In 2006, the Oscar-nominated actress was injured in a freak accident when part of the ceiling in her home fell on her head.

The blow is believed to have caused internal bleeding and Sam was so severely affected, she had to take 18 months off work in order to learn to walk again.

Samantha’s good friend Jason Pierce, 42 – singer with indie band Spiritualized – helped her recover soon after suffering life-threatening pneumonia himself.

‘Jason and I have been mirroring each other,’ Sam tells Observer Music Monthly. ‘He was really sick and then I had a stroke.

‘He was the only person I knew who understood what that was like, being near to death. He’s just an incredible person. He’s very courageous, and he helped me get through it all.’

Sam, 31, insists she felt that she had to keep the illness secret to protect her career.

She has now recovered fully and gave birth to second daughter, Edie, in January.

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