DJ fed up of critics accusing her of fame-seeking

Samantha Ronson has hit back at claims her friendship with Lindsay Lohan is a sham.

The DJ – sister of producer Mark Ronson, 33 – insists she’s not trying to cash in on the actress’s fame.

‘I’ve been DJing for 10 years – I don’t use anyone for that,’ she says. ‘My brother’s just won 3 Grammys – he has a far greater influence in the music business. If I was going to use anybody, wouldn’t I use him?

‘I would never use anybody, especially someone I care about. It makes me sick when people say that. If that’s the type of person I was, why would Lindsay be around me?’

And Sam, 31, says she has no intention of reigniting her war of words with 22-year-old Lindsay’s dad Michael, 48, after he expressed his disapproval for their relationship.

‘I’m a turn-the-other-cheek person,’ she says. ‘I don’t respond to negativity.’