Find Samira a man!


There are a few things in life that are so awkward we’d just rather not.ย 

Socks in bed? No, ta. Bumping into your ex down the local Tesco? Double no ta. Third wheeling? Strong, strong no ta.

Sadly, it appears our ‘gal Samira is currently locked into a semi-permanent third wheel mode inside the Love Island villa – and it doesn’t look much fun.

During her time in the villa, Samira has been pretty unlucky in her quest for true love – and is currently paired up with pal Alex on a strictly friend zone basis.

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And whilst the lady is keeping good grace about her slightly less appealing sitch within the villa, it’s fair to say we’re feeling for her.

In fact, just last night Samira had shared with Rosie that she had taken a bit of a confidence knock during her time inside Casa Amor.

Hold on in their, girl!

Even though we’re dead glad Samira is currently paired off with the nations prince, doctor Alex, many viewers have began pointing out that perhaps its notย entirelyย fair that the ‘fella has been getting a large portion of attention inside and outside the villa.

In fact, some have taken to social media to point out that Sam might be a lil’ neglected – with some even pointing out that she’s actually not really even been on ย our screens at all lately.

Ashley James shares, ‘There’s been so much talk about Alex, but what about [Samira]? She’s handled herself so well with not having much attention, and seems like a loyal friend’.

Referring to Alex’s popularity in the villa, another shares:

Agreeing, another writes that their ‘heart is really with Samira at this point’.

One user shares, ‘aww samira is always there as a shoulder to lean on for the girls but no one is givin her the same energy to try an find a man wtf’.

And whilst the new arrival of a brand spankin’ new fella could spell romance for our Samira, fans are getting a *little* bit picky…. yikes.

One user has taken to social media to slam the new arrival, Sam – writing, ‘Out of the all the people in the UK, the best guy they could find for Samira was Birdman Sam?… The disrespect.’

Whilst others just aren’t here for time wasters any more. It’s Samira or the door, apparently Sam!

Guys, remember not to judge a book by it’s cover! Petition to find Samira true love? Yup, we’re totally behind it.