The close actors star in Gravity together

Sandra Bullock has spoken of her love for George Clooney, though she insists they’ve never been an item.

The actress is such close friends with George, 52 – who she’s known for 25 years – that she even thinks of him as a member of her family.

We’re basically brother and sister and that’s why we adore each other so much,’ Sandra, 49, tells the Mirror.

The George of today is the same George he was all those years ago except he was an out of work actor then.

He was just as charming, kind and loving and supportive of his friends that he is now. Except now he can buy nice things.’

Sandra stars alongside her good pal in sci-fi flick Gravity and she admits that his enthusiastic approach brought an added vigour to the set.

Having George around was like having a life force in the room that reminds you not to take everything too serious,’ says Sandra.

Gravity is released in the UK on 8 November.

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