Property expert often films when expecting


Sarah Beeny was shocked when she looked back at some of her old TV programmes – she seemed to be pregnant in most of them!

The property expert has presented shows such as Property Ladder and Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare and admits she enjoys filming whilst expecting.

‘Looking back at the TV shows I’ve done, I think I should have 70 children because I seem to be pregnant in most of them,’ says Sarah, 41.

‘Being pregnant is a good time to work – it’s when the baby arrives you want to be at home.

‘There aren’t many shows where I’ve just had a baby. Work gets harder as the family grows.’

Sarah has four children with husband and business partner Graham Swift but it looks like, despite her wishes, she won’t be adding any more to her brood.

‘I always wanted a big family, which is why I have four sons,’ the proud mum tells Metro.

‘I wanted six children but my husband says I’ll need to have the other two with someone else. I doubt anyone’s going to want me with four kids, so I’m staying put.

‘They’re called Billy, Charlie, Rafferty and Laurie and are aged three to eight. It’s pretty full on.’

Anna Francis