Channel 4 presenter is quite a sex symbol


Sarah Beeny is aware that viewers don’t always tune into her property shows to look at houses…

The presenter’s curvy figure attracts lots of attention and she doesn’t mind if certain fans watch her just to get a glimpse of her cleavage.

‘I’d rather they watch for the properties but if they watch because of my boobs, that’s fine,’ says Sarah, 41.

Graham [Swift, my husband] says about these male admirers, “They should try living with you, then they would know you’re not that great.”‘

Sarah receives some very naughty requests from her fanbase but the mum-of-four rarely fulfils any of them.

‘Someone once asked if they could have a photo of me smoking a cigarette in a cigarette holder, which was a bit weird,’ the property expert tells the Mirror.

‘Of course I didn’t do it, I don’t smoke anyway. I don’t pay a massive amount of attention to that sort of thing.

‘I certainly never set out to be a sex symbol, I have too busy a life.’

Anna Francis