The Property Ladder supremo says she's not that well endowed

Since Sarah Beeny began presenting Property Ladder on Channel 4, she’s become the focus of quite a few Beeny appreciation websites – pretty much dedicated to her impressive chest.

‘People are so obsessed with my boobs but they’re not that big,’ she insists. ‘I think it’s because we always filmed when I was pregnant, so they were bigger than my head!’

Now 35, she’s mum to Billy, three, and one-year-old Charlie – and has started her own dating site

‘We have at least two weddings a week,’ she says proudly. ‘I love trying to put people together.’

Sarah reckons people are disappointed when they meet her because they expect her to be as outspoken as she is on TV.

‘They think I’m going to be strict and when I’m not they’re quite let down,’ she explains. Graham [her husband] has said I’m a bit of a bossy cow, but he’s obviously a liar because I’m lovely.’

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