Girls Aloud star moving on from troubles

Sarah Harding insists she never planned to go teetotal despite her much-publicised battle with the booze.

The singer turned to alcohol last year after breaking up with fiancé Tom Crane and ended up going to rehab in South Africa to undergo detox and therapy.

But Girls Aloud star Sarah insists that she’s overcome her issues and is now in control of her relationship with alcohol.

I’ve done a lot of healing, a lot of thinking,’ says Sarah, 30.

I’m eating really healthily and whilst I never said that I would be teetotal – and I do still enjoy a glass of wine socially with dinner or when I’m out friends – I have reined it right in.

The treatment I’ve had has helped me see that being destructive is not the answer. I am very careful about when I drink and what my mood is like because I’ve learned so much about alcohol and depression.’

Sarah admits that seeing the Spice Girls perform at the Olympic Closing Ceremony made her nostalgic about Girls Aloud, who are rumoured to be reuniting for their 10-year anniversary.

Oh goodness… we really, really want to do something but you’ll have to watch this space,’ Sarah tells Hello!

When I watched a clip of the Spice Girls on stage at the Olympic Closing Ceremony I did think, “I want that to be us!”

We needed a break, time to do our own things, but now we’re starting to feel really nostalgic about the 10 years we’ve been a band and really, really want to mark it with something special.’

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