Girls Aloud star has had her fingers burnt

Sarah Harding admits former lovers have made her wary of the opposite sex.

‘I don’t trust men any more, especially after my past experiences,’ she says.

‘I have been out with a lot of d***heads in my time.’

The Girls Aloud star, notorious for her love of going out on the town, describes old flames as ‘commitment-phobes’ – and reveals that last year she tried to numb the pain of being on the shelf at 25.

‘I was really down in the dumps, single and leaning heavily on my friends,’ she tells OK!

‘I went out on the social scene to get my mind off stuff.’

But Sarah, who has just moved in with DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, is getting sick of the ‘party girl’ tag.

‘I’m not the p***head everyone thinks I am.’

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Hannah Davies