Party girl worries about 'train wreck' star

Sarah Harding admits that she’s worried Britney Spears might kill herself if she doesn’t regain custody of her two sons.

‘When I heard she was losing her boys I just thought, this is going to be the final straw,’ she tells the Daily Mirror, ‘I hope she doesn’t attempt suicide.’

The Girls Aloud star thinks that the Toxic singer had to deal with too much too young.

‘I feel sorry for Britney,’ she admits. ‘If they go to parties and clubs from an early age they’re easily influenced by drugs and alcohol and the next thing you know they’re a bloody train wreck.’

Sarah, 25, reckons the life of a superstar must be unbearable.

‘I don’t think I could cope with fame on that level. I just like to live a normal life.’

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